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Age 14+ with access to smart phone/computer, both in Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora.

Eventually we want to target at least 20 million people in 3-5 years.

At the same time we must recognize that it is more important to recognize that some categories of people are more important to reach than others.

Our Mission

Public Broadcasting Network (PBN) is envisaged as a not for profit venture that shall cater to a broad range of public interests with the aim of enhancing the general level of cultural, educational, and political understanding. It shall cover the domains of quality entertainment, news roundups, analyses of current national and international happenings, revisiting important parts of history, poetry and fiction readings, health and medical advice, technology, and highlights of new scientific developments.


PBN should be recognized for the reliability and carefully researched content of its productions, and their outstanding quality both in terms of content and technical aspects. It must set new standards of investigative journalism, factual reporting, and unbiased commentary. It shall be a repository of research on a number of topics related to society, culture, and politics.


PBN must out-perform any FM radio in Pakistan and must compete in popularity with the top 25 TV channels. Beginning as a web portal accessible via the internet, it can transition to other modes of distribution.

A free and independent media is vital for informed public opinion, civil liberties and creating a healthy society

Zaffar Iqbal