1What are the best mediums to get their attention?
Web based programming should be the first step.
2What is it that people want to hear? What are they interested in?
A general mix: The majority will look more towards entertainment and news. The more cerebral ones will want reports and reviews of important things happening in Pakistan or abroad.
3What categories/genres should we target?
Relevant local examples can be constructed looking at what already exists on NPR and elsewhere. Examples: a) News segment followed by analysis: Amy Goodman report on fracking, http://www.democracynow.org/2013/1/4/is_fracking_safe_debate_on_controversial b) Investigative reporting: NPR report on AZ controversial law on Immigration,http://www.npr.org/2010/11/09/131191523/how-corporate-interests-got-sb-1070-passed c) Humorous take on current events: Jon Stewart on DAILY SHOW: http://www.hulu.com/watch/800269
4What are some reference stories / news items / content pieces (from the world) that inspire / educate / motivate us?
Many of these will be topical or motivated by events. Earthshakers happen regrettably often in Pakistan but are insufficiently reported or analyzed. Then there are long-term issues: water, electricity, mass transit, Kashmir, electoral procedures, smuggling,...Advice on where to invest, health tips, choosing a school for your kids,...new discoveries in science explained in easy terms, celebrating the birthday of a poet or intellectual, etc.
5Will our content be audio, video or both?
Both! They must be produced so that those with FM access, and those with visual access on smartphone and laptop, can both enjoy. Visual content adds to richness.
6What will be the grey areas in our editorial policies. What will be the forbidden / no-go zones? (politicians / army / intelligence / India / minorities / religion / blasphemy etc)
Nothing should be sacred but we will attempt not to risk a good institution by being openly aggressive. Diplomacy should be exercised to cautiously push the boundaries. Spot decisions will need to be made by the team leader who will also be speaking for the organization.